UK Gambling Commission Chief Leaves Post for Regulator in Tough Times

The Chief Executive Officer of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) announced he would resign. His resignation comes with the complaint that casino singapore online, in the case of one of its licensees, the commission has failed to act properly and has continued a government investigation of game laws in the region. The role was taken by Neil McArthur in 2018. The UK regulator placed a ban on credit card play but also saw a decrease in the ability of the UK regulator to regulate the market.

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Effective resignation 

The resignation of McArthur shall automatically take place. As acting co-head executives were Sarah Gardner, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of UKGC and Sally Jones, Chief Operating Officer of UKGC. Before the regulator appoints a new president singapore online bet, a permanent CEO is not appointed. The outgoing president of the Department, Bill Moyes, is scheduled to last until the end of the year.

When McArthur spoke about his results previous to his retirement, the UKGC was in a position to make gambling fairer and more secure when he was responsible. McArthur also said that he was sure that, after his absence, the Commission could face potential problems.

Gambling act 

McArthur is now renouncing the United Kingdom’s Gambling Act of 2005 in the wake of a government investigation. Locally licenced operators’ supporters have long been defending limits on internet slots, casino advertising, and so-called VIP programmes to encourage High-Roller players to play even more. The years of work of these lobbyists will finally bear fruit when tighter controls will undoubtedly come into effect after publication of the results of the investigation.

UK Online Casino News | Head of UKGC Resigns Amid Govt Review

If the popularity of gaming and sports betting in online and mobile casino type grows, companies offering such services in the UK have to be more closely monitored to ensure that the most disadvantaged members of society have to be shielded from gambling. 

It can also be noted that after the UKGC was chastised last week for its handling of the debacle of the Football Index, McArthur declared its resignation. Football Index is a UK registered marketplace for football clubs, which offers punters the right to buy stock in a bursary. It then pays dividends according to their results.

Announcing the investigation 

At the beginning of March the site announced a revised distribution scheme, reducing the majority of distributions by 1P to 2P from 14P. Customers have reacted to the changes, which means that stock prices will drop dramatically over evening.

Users urgently requested the gaming commission to conduct an inquiry into the issue and late last week the regulator responded to the initiation of an investigation and revoked Football Index licence proprietor. The regulator has, in spite of this change, been punished for not intervening earlier. The Gambling Commission believed that the resignation of McArthur had nothing to do with the problem, but many thoughts this was not the case.

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